Smart Watch


Smart Watch For elderly and people with disabilities assistance. Features The smart watch is designed for long-term health-status monitoring of elderly people and people with disabilities. It has the following features: Monitors vital signs as Heart Rate and SpO2 (oxygen saturation) [...]

Home Gateway


Home Gateway Multifunctional voice assistant and IOT home gateway Features The home gateway is a versatile devices that has the following functions and features: Voice recognition with voice control and assistance in 40 languages 4-MIC array for for precision far-field [...]

LoRa Gateway


LoRa Gateway A single channel low-cost LoRaWAN gateway Features A very low-cost single-channel LoRa gateway with the following features: More than 10km open field communication range Integrated high-capacity battery Solar powered battery charger Integrated WiFi and 2G/3G modem for [...]

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